Why Foundations are so Important

Why Foundations are so Important

We all know, instinctively, that a good foundation is crucial to any building project. Indeed, it’s such common knowledge that it is used as a metaphor for stability in dozens of different scenarios. We talk about relationships needing a solid foundation of trust, for instance, or basic knowledge in a given subject acting as a foundation for further learning. Even our children’s early years education is labelled as foundation years.

Frequently Asked Digger Hire Questions

frequently asked digger hire questions

Looking to hire a digger in Romford & Chigwell? We’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the more frequently-asked questions about our service – and about digger-hire in general. What types of digger do you offer? Our diggers come from highly-esteemed manufacturers like Volvo, JCB and Takeuchi. Specifically, we have the Volvo EC18D, which, with its cast-iron counterweight, can navigate even the most

What to look for in a Digger-hire service

What to look for in a Digger hire service

Hiring a digger is a straightforward way to get a building project finished quickly while minimising costs. Rather than sweating away with a spade for hours on end, you can hire the machinery to get the job done in mere moments. If your construction project involves extensive excavation, digger-hire is an obvious choice. But not all digger-hire services are built exactly alike. If you’re choosing between several options, there are