What to look for in a Digger-hire service

What to look for in a Digger hire service

Hiring a digger is a straightforward way to get a building project finished quickly while minimising costs. Rather than sweating away with a spade for hours on end, you can hire the machinery to get the job done in mere moments. If your construction project involves extensive excavation, digger-hire is an obvious choice.

But not all digger-hire services are built exactly alike. If you’re choosing between several options, there are a few important criteria worth bearing in mind. Being a longstanding digger-hire service in Romford & Chigwell, we’ve got a thing or two to say on the matter. So, what exactly should you be looking for?

A Local Firm
Transporting a digger over a long distance will add considerably to the cost of hire. As such, it makes sense to go with a local digger-hire company. If your project is in the Essex area, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We operate across forty-odd miles, serving projects in Theydon Bois, Romford, Brentwood and Epping.

Additional Services
A company that focusses exclusively on digger-hire is useful – but the need for a digger rarely exists in isolation. If other groundwork services are required, it makes sense to go for an all-in-one, bespoke solution rather than bringing several different contractors to a site.

A Range of Options
Diggers come in a range of shapes and sizes, to suit a range of different needs. A micro-digger is going to struggle with extensive landscaping, while a three-tonne dumper might lack the agility required to get around a more compact site.

Be sure, therefore, to ask your provider about the various sorts of digger on offer. We have several models available, each suited to a different task. If you’re based in Romford & Chigwell, or in the wider Essex area, why not give us a call? We’ll talk you through the options, and advise which we think best matches your project.

Free Quotes
A decent hire service will provide a no-obligation quote at no cost. If you run into one that’s looking for money up-front, then you should treat them with suspicion.

A good reputation
Setting up a digger-hire company involves some up-front costs – but theoretically, just about anyone can set up shop. But for service you can rely on, you need the right expertise. This is usually evidenced by positive reviews or testimonials.

Is the digger manned?
While the idea of operating heavy machinery might appeal to your fun-loving, destructive side, getting good results from a digger is quite a bit harder than it looks. Once you’ve botched your patio installation by swinging the bucket through next-door’s hedge, you’ll wonder why you didn’t hire a professional – the extra cost almost always justifies itself.

Here at M.J. Services, we only provide diggers with an operator included. Our people have more than five decades of experience under their collective belts, and they’ve worked on countless developments in Romford & Chigwell, as well as further afield!